Smart Home System

Infrared Box  x1

-Intelligent electrical control equipment, APP can control all indoor remote control appliances, such as: air conditioning, television, set-top boxes, refrigerators and so on.

-With wireless relay function, you can extend the signal transmission distance


Smart Gateway  x1

-Enthernet wired network access
– Really no configuration, access to the router through the network cable, power can be switched on

-Plug and Play, Instantly added via IOS or Android APP, less than a second to control all in-room smart devices through the gateway without having to put them in the same space


Smart Mobile Sockets x1

-Mobile phone remote control switch

-Can be timed switch

-Used to control the remote control switch


Smart 3 Gang Switch & Smart 2 Gang Switch

-Pressure feedback electronic keys, life of up to 100,000 times, more sensitive than touch keys, longer life expectancy


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