Wireless Alarm System

Wifi GSM Modem
– It allows WIFI or SIM card connection which gives users a great security feeling and a reliable control system. When triggered, this system will push text notifications and call out to preprogrammed numbers for appropriate action.

-The system can be controlled via smartphone APP commands. It pushes text notifications and calls out to preprogrammed numbers whenever anything happens.

Wireless Remote 
Power: 1 battery
Transmission distance: ≤ 80 m (without obstacles)

-Multifunction remote control


-Arming ,silent arming and partical arming

-Sos button

Motion Sensor


– Incorporates internal antenna with field detection of 8 M / 110º.

-Maximum transmission distance of 80 M in free space.

-Incorporates battery status LED.

Wireless Remote Plug

-ransmission distance: ≤ 80 m (without obstacles)

-The  Wireless Remote Plug is trough the APP with the alarm system . From your mobile phone, you will be able to manage the switch-on/switch-off of those home appliances connected to smart switches. You can also set up the automatically switch-on/switch-off depending on the schedule you have determined before in the App.

Wireless Magnetic Sensor

-Magnetic contact
-Wireless 868 MHz
-Only compatible with, wifi GSM modem
-Internal antenna reach open space 80 m
-Low battery LED indicator

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